4. Air and water collection pipe

5. Electronic waist and leg clutch bands

6. Sensor


7. Automatic bed on-off mechanism

8. Automatic valve part on-off mechanism


9. Electronic brain

10. Connecting cables of mechanisms numbered 5, 6, 7 and 8

11. Water heating and compression mechanism

12. Water collecting and discharge mechanism

13. Air heating and compression mechanism

14. Air collecting and discharge mechanism

15. Water and air compression pipe

16. Water and air collecting pipe

17. Water inlet

18. Final evacuation of water and air


The sensor on the care shorts (probably made of water resistant thin oily skin) runs the waist and leg clutch bands, automatic bed on-off mechanism and automatic valve part on-off mechanism by sending signals to electronic brain sensitively to the patient’s beginning to fulfil his / her needs. Thus, the weight of the hips on the care shorts will become ineffective. Following the need-fulfilling process, air with the appropriate temperature is pumped by turning off water and air collecting hole and the shorts get swollen. The contact of inner surface of swollen shorts with the body is cut. Water with the appropriate temperature and mixed with an organic cleaning agent is pumped in the shorts with a suitable pressure. Meanwhile, water and air collecting hole opens automatically. A few minutes later, rinse water is given. Rinsing process takes a few minutes. Then, air with the appropriate temperature and mixed with perfume is pumped in the shorts and water and air collecting hole is opened properly. This process takes five to six minutes, both dries and aerates the patient and provides complete water evaporation in the inner surface of the shorts. After that, waist and leg clutch bands are fully loosened to make the patient’s hips get fresh air. Water and air collecting hole, bed on-off mechanism and valve part on-off mechanism are turned off and toilet care of the patient is completed. Thus, both the patient’s dignity and health are protected and toilet care is provided easily.

Waste water and air collected in related compartments of electronic care mechanism is emptied into home toilet via a suitable pipe.



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